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The Secret Alcove

With some huffing and puffing, crawling and creeping, ranting and panting, shoving and shimmying and wriggling and giggling, you force your way through the tunnel and emerge in the secret alcove.

The space is tiny and although the edges of the room look slightly ethereal and seem to pulse, when you touch them you can feel they are solid and unyielding. The air around you is glowing softly and there is a faint hum in the air that somehow sounds purple.

The alcove is not quite tall enough to stand up in and there is no room to edge past the round table taking up most of the space. As you realise there is nothing to do here and your only option is to go back the way you came, you suddenly notice a chair right in front of you, urging you to sit at the table. Strange that you didn't notice it before...

What are you going to do?