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How well do you know the Bazaar?


Ilana Voraschina nods her head approvingly and gives you a wide smile.

"I'm impressed that you want to try your hand at this difficult quiz. You'll need to know the Bazaar very well to get everything right first time! To play, just click on the option you think is the correct answer - don't worry, you can always try again if you get it wrong. And I guarantee by the end of the quiz you will know the Bazaar even better than you do already."

1 Who was the eldest Eristoya triplet?

2 Who is head of the Voraschina family?

3 Who in the Bazaar is an alchemist?

4 Who did Beejuice work for?

5 Who was the best juggler in the Bazaar?

6 What is "Brekamoly"?

7 In what year did Mr Steppe Alliance begin?

8 Who did Katya run off with?

9 What does this Ancient Bohemian phrase mean?


10 Fill in the blank: "It is the _____________________ way!"

11 Who has Anya's crystal ball?

12 Who or what did Ilana adopt?

13 Who is Ilaria's father's brother's wife's mother?

14 Whose child did the gypsies go looking for?

15 Who was turned into a Vampire before being killed by her cousin?

16 Which Mongol has represented the Bazaar in the Mr Steppe Alliance contest?

17 Which area of Bohemia is Uncle Boris from?

18 What name did the Bazaar give to their first llama?

19 Which of these songs was not written by a member of the Bazaar?

20 What is the natural colour of the mists of Bohemia?