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Name the llama

Ilaria Voraschina steps forwards with an excited smile.


"I am Ilaria, the llama farmer."

"In the past, and thanks mostly to the Zangaresh, the Bazaar have relied upon horses in our travels. However, since joining the Steppe and growing to understand (if not fully approve of) the Mongols' love of yaks, we too have branched out into more of a herding animal. The llama."

"Our first llama was gifted to us and lays claim to the name, Ilama the Llama."

"Our second llama followed soon after, a little llama named Llamarama."

"But we currently own 20 more llamas who all need names. And as I learn and my llama farming abilities grow, we are hoping to produce many more llamas, who will all need names."

Ilama the Llama

"If you would like to play the llama naming game, simply edit this page and add your suggestion below (if you don't have editing access, you can email your suggestion to The best names will be used to give our currently anonymous llamas a real identity that they can be proud of. Don't forget to tell us who you are as well so that we can reward those who suggest the best names"

Suggested Llama names

  • Humperdink! - I, Alfredo Giovani! have suggested this name ...
  • I suggest Donald, in honour of our fallen fellow. He should by stocky and blond, playful and bloody. - Anon.
  • "Eviscerate the Llama" - Wicked Uncle Nikolai.
  • The Crystal Ball recommends "Mwah haa haaaaaaaa".
  • Rhyming names work well - Pyjama the Llama; Banana Llama; Drama Llama; Armour Llama; Karma Llama; Calmer Llama; Calm A Llama... - various suggestions from Ilaria, Beejuice, Cezar and others.
  • A classic: the Deli Llama.
  • For epic llamas: Megallama and Llamageddon!
  • Llamasutra for that kinky llama.
  • 80s throwback Llamar.
  • Llama Giles.
  • Jeff - Captain Danger of the Erin Navy.
  • Eric - Eric from the Van Lint Brewery.
  • Llama Rama - Zanya Guadaloupe Zangaresh.