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Inside the Voraschina ladies' boudoir

Without quite even realising you've made a decision, you find yourself drifting through a purpley haze into a room of warmth and comfort and soft lights. The floor has been lost under an array of thick, bouncy cushions and the walls seem to billow gently. There is a faint aroma of poppies and you begin to feel drowsy as a soft sound of girlish laughter from somewhere ahead meets your ears.

As you start to move towards the sound your limbs grow heavy and the allure of the cushions becomes too much. You fall to the floor and smile as a sense of ease and bemusement washes over you.



When you look up, Ilaria and Ilana Voraschina are smiling down at you indulgently.

"You are most welcome here. And completely safe. Just relax and tell us what game you would like to play first."

Choose your game