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Find your Gypsy totem


Ilana Voraschina nods sagely and then smiles with delight.

"This one's very easy. At each stage you simply choose between two options to best describe yourself and at the end your Gypsy totem will be revealed to you and its significance explained."

Some people have already found their Gypsy totem!:

Ilana Voraschina - the flower

Ilaria Voraschina - the flower

Katya Barovnief - ribbons

Cezar Barovnief - the tankard

Beejuice - the sight

Jose Rodrigues Zangaresh - armour

Crunch of the Erin Navy - the corset

Fell of the Erin Navy - Wicked Uncle Nikolai's wicked squirrel

Rob - Wicked Uncle Nikolai's wicked squirrel

Lorraine - a nice cup of tea

When you've found your totem you can add it to the list by editing this page (if you don't have access you can email us at

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