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Mr Steppe Alliance training

Ilaria Voraschina smiles at you with joy.


"Well chosen, sir. Before you begin, however, I must warn you that this is not a game like the others. As the name suggests, you are about to embark on serious training to develop your suitability as a candidate to represent your group in vying for the title of Mr Steppe Alliance at a Renewal in the future. It may be tough, and it may take you several attempts, but if you complete the training then you will have an advantage over any other man you may compete against. Therefore the pain and anguish you suffer during this trial will be worth it."

"I will take you through the stages of the contest, giving you options at each point as to what your words and actions would be. Think carefully and choose with caution. You will only be able to progress to the next level of training once I am satisfied that you have completed the current level successfully."

"Are you ready to begin?."

Choose your response to Ilaria